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Why EzGiGi

Unlike most other dental apps that focus on either the dentist or the patient, EzGiGi caters for both, by bridging the gap between clinics and patients. EzGiGi provides a simplified, yet structured solution for dentists to manage their clinics  and for patients to access their preferred clinic with a few simple clicks.

The knowledge centre includes articles, videos, and infographics on a range of topics, such as toothbrushing techniques, common dental problems, and the benefits of various dental treatments. The goal of the knowledge centre is to empower patients to take an active role in their own oral health and make informed decisions about their dental care.

List of Clinics

Helping you find clinics in your area or in a specific location

Dental Guides

Free dental guides and information from dental specialists

Orthodontic Profile

Maintain your orthodontic profile and history

Online Bookings

You can make dental bookings on the app

Brace Selection

Select your teeth profile, your brace type and your brace colours


Draw on your elastics as prescribed by your dentist

EzGiGi app

Our mission to bring your smile back

Clinic Appointments Management

Efficient clinic appointments management module to help manage all information related to clinics

Knowledge Centre

Custom tailored dental guides by qualified dental professionals

Patient Journey

Keeping your dental journey in one app

Trailer of our app

We are bringing convenience into your dental journey